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1973Study 21 (a)11'20electronic music
1973Dimensions20'28electronic music for film
1974Study 21 (b)6'05electronic music
1974Yesterday-Tomorrow6'05electronic music
1974REM7'10electronic music
1975Two Dreams10'16electronic music
1975Two Visions6'50electronic music
1976Through the Black Point8'40electronic music
1976Vocalise8'05piano & tape
1976Through the Nature22'10live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1977Ikaros6'20for solo piano
1977Nocturne I6'24computer music
1977Silent Flow11'08live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1978Io Sono45'10live electronics with Herman Rechberger
1978Landscape through the Mirror6'40computer music (= Nocturne II )
1978Per Flauto Solo6'00for solo flute
1978Elements no. 110'00live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1979Tresonos I11'43electronic music
1979Tresonos II18'05tape & multimedia
1979Sirius B7'00electronic music
1979Nuagesendlesscomposing program with Erik Nyberg
1980Neum Ohr7'00live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1980Process14'20live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1981Premiere Etyde pour le Synclavier4'20live electronics
1981Deuxieme Etyde pour le Synclavier4'10live electronics
1982Etydit4'10live electronics
1982Reactions In Sonic Environment9'05electronic music
1982Vision of the Deep21'20live electronics for the ensemble NEUM
1982Non Ame?17'20alto recorder & tape
1983Fanfare for EMO3'05electronic music with Einojuhani Rautavaara
1985Trois Images du Son (I, II and III)14'04computer music with interactive computer graphics
1985Ein Blick10'00computer music
1986E-VIB29'00electronic music for audio massage therapy
1986Selebration March and Fanfare4'00male choir & electronic music
1987MIDI-Study I10'16live electronics
1987Rock-Well7'48electronic music
1987Resonance a14'00clarinet & live electronics
1987Intro21'00electronic music forOsmo Valtonen's video
1987Osmo7'00electronic music for video
1988Jahti21'00electronic music for film
1988D-dreams26'00electronic music for therapy video
1989Tietotekniikka Itot. 12'00electronic music for educational video
1989Dia I and IItot. 9'00electronic music for ballet
1989Muistoja4'07electronic music
1989Saliinkutsu20'00computer music
1989Roudausmusaa4'00electronic music
1990Resonance b (fixed version)9'00clarinet & tape
1990Resonance c (for live performance)9'00clarinet & cello (or any two instruments)
1990Discussion15'00flute & guitar
1992UR-NES18'00electronic music for the Finnish Pavilion at Sevilla World Fare
1993Situations8'00dancer & interactive live electronics
1993Discussion b9'00version for physical models of flute & guitar
1994Hiding8'00accordeon & tape (CD)
1994POLES7'00live electronic & flygelhorn (Jarmo Sermilä)
1996And suddenly...8'00live electronics with Jarmo Sermilä
1996Discussion in July10'00live electronics with Jarmo Sermilä
1998Year 2000 ./. 1 and forever15'00reader, oboe and tape (text: Paavo Haavikko)
1999Yö on rakkauden maa (Night is the Land of Love)3'40computer generated humorous Eurovision pop-song
2002In the Brain of Mr. LvB.9'57electronic music & computer graphics
2003Förvirrat Ljud17'55music for Barbara Tieaho's installation "Förvirrat Ljus"
2004Some0'50music for Barbara Tieaho's installation "Some"
2004Four Spaces10'35electronic music
2004Vuori-Berg4'00music for Barbara Tieaho's installation "Vuori-Berg"
2004Exploitation-Explosion6'00composition with NEUM group
2005Scene: Sunday4'35off-line improvisation with Jarmo Sermilä
2005One-Two-Three-Four2'28off-line improvisation with Jarmo Sermilä
2005Mood: Relaxed5'28off-line improvisation with Jarmo Sermilä
2005Pohjoista Valoa13'00music and soundscape for Antti Maasalo's film "Pohjoista Valoa"
2005Kosketus-Touch8'30accordeon, tape and computer graphics
2006Jambient Song4'00opening music for SAT2006 conference in Helsinki
2006Oodi Vedelle13'00permanent sound installation for Kerava City (with Antti Maasalo)
2007CAVE8'00music for Antti Maasalo's installation inside Tytyri cave at Lohja
2008Phones in C5'40interactive composition for six mobile phones Listen!
2010Mini-Mal10'01music for Antti Maasalo's sculpture
2011So(m)me(r) Timeendlessinteractive work with Tassu Takala (visuals)
2012Windchimesendlessmusic for Antti Maasalo's installation at the President's summerhouse - Kultaranta
2012Kontrasteja Dimensiolle58'14music for the Dimensio Exhibition at Tampere Art Museum
2013The Son of Apollo13'00music for Heimo Suntio's sculpture at Sculptor Exhibition. Bought later to the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection
2016Journey to the Beach4'40Work for Antti Maasalo's exhibition on 29.9.2016 at Pohjanmaan museo
2016For Antti M.20'00Improvisation during Antti Maasalo's exhibition on 29.9.2016 at Pohjanmaan museo

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